Friday, May 01, 2009

Disney World

On the tramPhotobucket


This lady was at Disney to celebrate her birthday too! She was quite a bit older than StephaniePhotobucket


PhotobucketFirst of all, this picture is hillarious! Lindsey has her hands straight up and that boy is looking at her. The funniest thing was what happened when we were standing in line for this ride. It's set up like a hotel. When we got to the "front counter" of the "hotel," Brock simply took out his wallet and held up his i.d. Out of habit, he was getting his i.d. out to give to the hotel desk clerk. Well, I guess that "hotel" that they created was very convincing!

PhotobucketWe ate at a Moroccan place in Epcot. It was so good! We tried all sorts of desserts and of course, enjoyed Moroccan tea.


AUNY said...

Isn't that video funny???

Michawn said...

that video is hilarious. i made joel come watch it with me. :)

and that's a cute pic of the birthday girls. fun.