Thursday, May 14, 2009

THE STORY OF US: Our First Date

For our first date, we went to Magic Island in Houston, TX. It's a dinner theater with good food and several magic shows.

We stayed with my parents that weekend since they live close to Houston. Brock had been to my parents' house before. He'd done a show at my dad's church. So, my parents already knew him. In fact, the whole time he and I were just friends, my mom would ask me, "What about Brock? How do you feel about him?" I'd just dismiss her questions. Maybe a mother just knows?

Anyway, back to our first date. We had a wonderful time. Since we knew each other so well, there was no putting your best foot forward or awkward moments. It was simply going to a dinner theater with your best friend. The only difference between now and a month earlier was that when Brock so much as grazed my hand with his, it sent shivers all the down into my toes.

After Magic Island, we went to the airport. Before, so much security, we'd go hang out at the airport for fun (now it feels like work!). We went to the airport hotel swimming pool and hot tub and talked way into the night as planes flew over us.

We even talked about marriage that night. There was no guessing about this anymore. We were going to get married!