Sunday, May 17, 2009

THE STORY OF US: The Wedding Reception

Shepherd, TX wasn't a very big town, so there weren't any ballrooms or country clubs to have a wedding reception. The church didn't have a good place for the reception, so I decided to have it out at the clubhouse at a neighborhood out by the lake.

It was wonderful! We all changed into casual attire and we set up picnic tables along the lawn. Barbecue was served in Texas style.

When it came time to cut the cake, Brock got a questionable look on his face. He said, "What are we doing?" I explained that we would feed each other a piece of cake and that I may stuff it all over his face. After that, we went to make a toast and Brock was confused again. I asked him if he'd ever been to a wedding before. He said that at the weddings he'd attended, he must have missed that part. It was funny. I didn't realize that I should have briefed him on this.

We went and mingled for what seemed like minutes (time flies at your own wedding). Then, Brock and I came together just to talk. The next thing we knew, people were forming a line to our car. At that point, it seemed time to head out for our honeymoon and begin our life together!