Tuesday, May 12, 2009

THE STORY OF US: The Night It All Changed 2

On Brock's side of things, he had done a show on Wednesday night. It had gone horribly. On the drive home from the show, he began thinking about how badly the night had gone. He wanted to vent his frustrations. His best friend whom he grew up with and his assistant were in the car with him, but he didn't feel like talking to either of them about it. The only person in the world whom he wanted to talk to was me.

He got home way too late to call me, so he called me at 8:30 Thursday morning when he woke up. The only problem was that I'd already left for the day. So this was the first message that he'd left on my answering machine. It makes my head spin to think that the Lord began answering my prayer request (or "sign") that I made 12 hours before I made it.

Shortly after I got home that Thursday night, Brock came over to my apartment. He was still upset from the night before and I was jittery with excitement. After I let him vent his frustrations, I told him how I felt about him. He began to share his feelings about me, and we both realized that there was a lot of deep feelings for each other there. We simply didn't know it until then.

The only hesitation Brock had was that he though I wanted to be a child psychologist not a magician's assistant. I explained that I felt differently about all of that now. I told him that we could make it work. He told me something that I still cling to today. He said that he believed that we could do anything together.


Amber said...

That is one of the sweetest things I've ever heard!!!

Haley Frederick said...

So sweet! I really never knew he had it in him until he fell in love with you. :)