Sunday, May 10, 2009

THE STORY OF US: Time Passed By

Time passed and I graduated from college. I moved to a town 30 minutes away from Brock to begin grad school and work full time as a social worker. I worked with troubled teens.

Brock was completing his last year of college and doing shows on the weekends. Because of this, we didn't get to see each other as often as we used to. However, we were still very close.

In the meantime, I was dissatisfied with the direction my life was going. Everyone in my grad classes knew exactly what they wanted to do vocationally. I thought that I wanted to be a child psychologist, but I was having a difficult time being a case worker. Some of the teens I worked with were going through some heavy stuff. It bothered me that the only thing that would truly save them...a personal relationship with Jesus Christ...I wasn't allowed to offer them. The day that one of my clients didn't show up for our meeting because she had been hospitalized after trying to commit suicide, I knew that this career was too much for me.

At one point during this time, Brock was looking for a new assistant. I began daydreaming about chucking the 9 to 5 job and grad school and going on the road with Brock.

Until then, I thought that I wanted a typical life with the white picket fence and all. My husband would be a pastor and I would be a child psychologist. However, the Lord was changing my desires. I'm convinced that the Lord allowed me to pursue my own desires for several months just to show me that it was not what I really wanted. That way I would never wonder, "What if?"

Brock never even considered the possibility of me being his assistant (and also his wife because they would be one in the same) because he thought I knew exactly what I wanted in life. It wasn't the life he could provide. Instead, he prayed for someone to come along that would want this unique lifestyle. He prayed for someone who was compatible with him, someone just like Auny.


Mom in Shepherd said...

God's plan for our lives is always best. We think we have the hard part in trying to discern God's will. Actually, according to our standards, God has the hard part, that is, convincing us of His plan. God was playing you both at the same time.

Michawn said...

i LOVE that last line. oh how i love real life love stories. they really are better than the movies, esp. when God does it all.

Anonymous said...

I love's so fun! :)