Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Remember what the Lord had told Brock during his fast? The next date he went on would be with his future wife. The whole time I knew Brock he'd never gone out on a date. He had been interested in a couple of girls but not very seriously.

We decided that night that we would wait for another week and pray about our feelings just to make sure. If we were still feeling very strongly, we'd go on a date.

I had never told a guy that I loved him (not in that way at least). However, I had to make a conscious effort not to say it to Brock during that week, because when we were friends, we'd say it all the time. During our phone conversations that week I'd say, "Love...nevermind," right before I got off of the line.

That week, our feelings didn't subside at all. They only multiplied, so we decided to go on a date!