Tuesday, May 05, 2009

THE STORY OF US: Our First Meeting

Think back to August of 1997. No cell phones and no internet. What were you doing? Some of you were having a baby, or maybe you were a baby. Or maybe you were beginning your senior year of college like I was.

It was our first day back to college, and I was throwing my best friend, Gin, her traditional birthday party at Chili's (that was the place to go). As usual, there were several people there whom neither Gin nor I knew. One of these people happened to be Brock. He was back at school after taking a two year summer after his sophomore year. I had heard of the famous Brock Gill (famous at our school because of some of the things he had done...he was a legend) my freshman year but I'd never met him.

Here he was sitting at the head of the table. I briefly met him but didn't really get to talk with him, because he was at the other end of the large---very large---table. I did notice him, though...mainly because he was causing such commotion down at his end of the table. I was intrigued by this skinny, tall guy who was larger than life.


Michawn said...

oh, i'm excited already. can't wait to hear the rest and relive it all with you. so fun!!

Mom in Shepherd said...

I never dreamed when I met this tall, skinny guy that he would eventually become my son-in-law. We love Brock. You two make a great couple.