Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Disciple Now and a Summer 10 Years Ago

I led a group of girls in a Disciple Now almost ten years ago in my home town. The following summer, I worked as a summer missionary in this little town. We put on Backyard Bible Clubs. I had a lot of these same girls help me lead the clubs for children. I still pray for these girls, and it is amazing to see how the Lord keeps putting them in my life.

One of the girls, Brittany, died in a car accident a few years ago. I was able to attend the funeral. Brittany's best friend, Tiffany, is such a prayer warrior. She e-mails me or comments on my blog about her prayer life. The Lord is really working in her life. We just found out that one of the girls from that same group, Jessica, had some blood clots in her lungs. It was totally God that they discovered the clots because the doctor said that you usually find this kind of physical illness upon death! It is not very detectable. Plus, the next week, she was planning to fly to Saudi Arabia. It would be a 17 hour flight. The doctor said that because of those blood clots, that flight would have killed her. However, because they caught it in time, they were able to get rid of the clots. The same week I found out about Jessica, one of the other girls, Alisha, called me crying because her parents were getting divorced. She just wanted me to pray for her family.

It's neat to see how the Lord is placing His hand in their lives. Even though they have been through some crazy life situations, He has been there for them. I am so glad that He has allowed me to be part of their lives. I will continue to pray for these girls forever. They are so dear to me.


Chad and Rebecca said...

When I was growing up I attended Disciple Now as well. I still keep in touch with several of the people that were in my small group. I think it would be fun to teach one now.

Sherrill said...

As the mother of one of those girls your prayers are appreciated and I feel blessed that you pray for them