Friday, October 28, 2005

Chicago Airport

We had a 2 and a half hour layover in Chicago yesterday. The Chicago airport and the Atlanta airport both say that they are the largest airport in the country. I can settle the bet…Atlanta is the largest hands down. Also, Chicago has a lot of people but not a big selection of restaurants. There were people everywhere. You could barely cross over to the other side without getting trampled. There were lines at every food place from McDonalds to Chili’s. If you want to eat, the only option is sandwiches, salads, or pizza. Don’t get me wrong, Chicago itself is a great city, but the airport is not the best for its size.

It was cool being in Chicago the day after the White Sox won the World Series. All of the newspapers sported the word “Champions” really big. There were White Sox signs written in chalk on some of the luggage carriers. A lady at one of the shops was folding new t-shirts fresh out of the box that read “White Sox World Series Champions.”


Chad and Rebecca said...

I have been to the Chicago airport, I stayed the night at the Hilton in the airport. I thought that was neat that they had a hotel in the airport. I had a layover there on my way to Japan.

AUNY said...

When did you go to Japan?

Chad and Rebecca said...

I went the summer of 98. It was so awesome! I would love to go back! There is ALOT of witnessing that could be done there. It is very clean over there and not a lot of crime. Tipping is considered rude when you go out to eat. Only thing I could not try while I was there was community bath. When we stayed somewhere and that is all they had, well, I preferred to stink. I could not get used to that.