Monday, October 31, 2005

Haunted Houses

I enjoy being scared in a controlled environment like a haunted house. Just the thrill of feeling terrified yet knowing you are safe is invigorating! I’ve had some crazy experiences in haunted houses…

One time, my sister and I went to a haunted house when we lived in Ft. Worth. They sent us through by ourselves. I was only 16 years old and Kay was 13 years old. At one point, we had to walk by a man with a chainsaw in order to get thru. I looked at my younger sister and said, “I’m not going that way.” She looked at me and asked what other way I would like to go. That was the only way out. After we ran by the chainsaw guy, we caught up with a couple casually walking thru. I think they were on a date, but that didn’t stop me. I grabbed onto the back of his shirt and hung on for dear life. Kay said that he kept looking back and talking to his girlfriend about some strange girl clutching his shirt.

Another time, some friends of mine were going thru a haunted house. I somehow ended up in the back. It was pitch black and I lost my sandal. When I stopped to find it, my friends deserted me. A “monster” ended up finding my missing flip-flop. He wasn’t quite as scary when he stopped his growling and said in a plain voice, “Here’s your shoe.”


Chad and Rebecca said...

I used to go to a lot of fun Haunted Houses when I lived in Houston. I have not been to one in years. This is Cole's first Halloween. He is going to be a pumpkin. He looks adorable!