Sunday, October 16, 2005


After I wrote that last post, I was feeling rough. My sinuses were bad and I just wanted to go home. However, we had already made some plans with a couple here. I'm so glad that we went. Being with them really lifted my spirits and made me feel alot better.

This last book that I read, Captivating, did not really resonate with me. It was good, but it didn't hit me hard at this time in my life. However, the whole time I was reading it, I thought of my friend. I knew that I needed to give her that book. In fact, I hurried through it this week so that I could give it to her last night.

I offhandedly gave it to her. She said that it was not a coincidence that I gave her that book. She felt like the Lord wanted her to read a book. She is not a consistent reader so she didn't really know where to start. She was thinking about it a couple of days ago and that was the day that I posted the entry about books. After reading my blog that day, it only affirmed it in her mind that she needed to read a book. She was about to ask me last night what book to read but before she could, I handed her the book. I told her that for some reason, God wants her to read that book.

It was a special time. The Lord not only drew us together, but He showed us how much He loves us. We were both so encouraged by how the Lord pays attention to the details of our life.


Amber said...

If he loves every little sparrow, how much greater his love must be for us, his chosen people! I'm glad you spirit has been renewed, I pray your body will heal quickly as well!