Monday, November 07, 2005

Driving Thru Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana

Here is pieces of my travel journal entries on the first two days of our trip:

Driving thru Oregon on I-84E was breathtakingly beautiful. When we drove this strip before, I think that it was night. We saw rows and rows of Aspen trees. They had bright yellowish-orange leaves and thin, lighter trunks. I snapped a couple of pictures from the truck as we were driving. It rained the entire day. In Idaho, it snowed a little. That's when we decided to pull over for the night. We're in Idaho almost on the Montana line on I-90.

We pulled over for the night just in time because it was beautiful when I looked out the window this morning. The whole drive thru Montana was amazing. We pulled over in a "parking area" as the sign said. By the time I got my camera and jacket on, Brock was already out of sight. I crossed the parking lot and caught a glimpse of the view. It literally took my breath away. There was a valley down below with a body of water. A cliff towered over the water. I heard Brock whistling for me. I looked down, to the right, and to the left. I couldn't find him. Then, I realized the noise was coming from above. Brock was at the very top of the cliff!

We stopped in Deer Lodge, MT to eat lunch. The sign outside of the cafe read "ICE CREAM, EXPRESSO, AND BUFFALO." We shared a buffalo burger. After lunch, we went into some of the little shops. Brock asked the salesclerk in the drug store if they sold ipods. She didn't know what an ipod was.

We pulled over at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. By this time, the weather had cleared up and it was a beautiful day. We actually went swimming in their pools. They piped in water from a natural hot spring. There were only 3 others in the pool...a couple from the area and a guy from Washington on his way to Kansas to work for a couple of months.

We ate Montana steaks at the Oasis in Manhattan, MT. There's another Manhattan in Kansas. They call themselves "the little apple." We actually saw trick or treaters in the small Montana town out on Nov. 1st!


Anonymous said...

how is it like to be travelling around? :) I'm from singapore. happened to chance upon your blog. I've not been attending church for a long time...

Chad and Rebecca said...

I have always wanted to go to Montana. I am not too sure why but I would love to visit there. I am glad that you were able to stop and take in the Lord's "natural" beauty.

Anonymous said...

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