Thursday, November 03, 2005

Marriage Proposals

One of the guys in our office just got engaged. He was very clever in the way that he asked her to marry him. His girlfriend had planned to surprise him by flying to New York while he was there on business last weekend. Unbeknownst to her, he knew about the "surprise." He played surprised when she showed up in NY. As they were taking a carriage ride in Central Park, she began talking about how much it was like a movie. She was talking about how shocked he was to see her in NY. He told her that he had a surprise of his own. He brought out the ring and asked her right then and there on the carriage ride.

Brock proposed to me as we were practicing for an illusion. We knew that we were to be married, so I was learning the role of assistant. We were practicing in an empty church. As I "disappeared," all of our friends slipped into the back of the church. When I "reappeared," I saw everyone sitting in the audience and Brock was holding a diamond ring. He was already on one knee because this was his position at the end of the trick anyway. He would get on one knee in order to help me out of the illusion. It was very sweet.

The best proposal that I've ever heard of was my sister and brother-in-law. She was in England for 5 weeks taking some college classes. Her boyfriend had written her a song and recorded it in order for her to listen to it while she was away. After a little over two weeks into her trip, she was eating at a restaurant in England and received 3 roses from the waiter. She thought that was a little odd. Another waiter came up and gave her 3 more roses and so on until she had 11 roses. Then, she heard the song that her boyfriend wrote being played on the piano in the restaurant. She immediately got up and went to the piano. On the piano was another rose and her boyfriend playing the song.


Chad and Rebecca said...

Chad proposed to me during a church service in front of everyone at First Baptist in Bossier. That was pretty awesome!

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