Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brock's Hurt Foot

Here is an explanation of Brock's bum foot by Brock:

i am pretty rough on my body. i do some crazy things day after day on stage and off. monday was a very rough day. here is what happened.

i woke up and ran 3 miles. then i went to a show and rehearsed. during the show i was doing the "blind ride" stunt where i get blindfolded and ride a dirt bike thru the place and jump the bike off of the stage. as i was doing the stunt during the show i hit a slick spot on the floor and crashed the bike. i hit the concrete hard and banged up my knees pretty good. this happened in the middle of the show. later in the show i did the ladder trick. this is where i jump off of a big ladder onto the ground. anyway, it hurt very badly because my knees were so busted up. after the show we headed for the hotel. as we were dragging luggage up the steps i felt my foot give out. i couldnt walk for the next 36 hours. apparently my foot was dislocated. my bones are not broken but took a beating so bad that they just gave up. i am going to be slow for a while but hope to make a fast recovery. thanks for the prayers. there is the story. sorry i couldnt get to this sooner.


AUNY said...

He's taking it easy today. The doctor said to rest it.

Kay said...

We'll be praying that everything heals quickly. Enjoy the rest!

Barbara said...

i'llpray for him. no doubt