Wednesday, December 02, 2009


We had a great time this year. I was a little sad going into Thanksgiving because nobody was coming to stay with us for the whole weekend. For the last 3 Thanksgivings, we have had lots of people come over and stay and simply eat and hang out the entire time. I decided to lower my expectations and just enjoy whomever came.

It was great! There were eight of us on Thursday for a feast of a meal. We ate and laughed. We went for our traditional after Thanksgiving meal walk. Then, we sat by the bonfire for a while. We then came inside and watched a movie. Then, out came all of the food again for take 2! After dinner, a few more people stopped by to chat. Then, everyone except Steph and Lindsey left at about 12:30. The two girls spent the night.

Friday morning, Lindsey made us pancakes and we watched the movie "UP." It was a cute movie. After the movie, the girls left and Brock and I each laid on a couch. We were parked there the rest of the day. We slept and watched TV and just vegged out! I don't think that we had ever done that for a whole day before.

When I woke up Saturday morning feeling very rested, I realized how tired I spent the previous Thanksgivings. Whenever we had people stay all weekend, I was hosting the entire time. This was really nice. Saturday night, about a dozen people came over to our bonfire. We roasted hot dogs and smores and just talked. It was a nice weekend.


Barbara Hdz | Alejandro Rmz said...

UP! I loooove that movie. i've seen it like 8 times and i have like 2 weeks with it. hahaha I have the soundtrack is a very tranquil and beautiful soundtrack for me. And in this days of stress. It's very useful hahahaha

I see you spend a pretty thanksgiving. We don't celebrate that, i don't even remember what i did those days... well, yes i remember. not much. Like you, saw the tv with my boyfriend in his house. one day we went to an ex-job inn party in monterrey. That was fun haha i went dressed like a "matachin" is like an indian person, and the tradition here is that the 12 of december (the day of the "la virgen de guadalupe") some people dresse like that and make a dance for her, or something like that. And the party was a custome party "christmas custom party" but is a december celebration, so i was dressed like one hahaha that was fun. I'll post a photo later.

Barbara said...

ups! i was in my other account. is my new page. from the studio.