Thursday, December 03, 2009


I will get some pictures up soon, but today I want to talk about something I had the privilege of experiencing last night...fellowship. This used to be a big deal at church. We would have a "fellowship," which really meant that we would get together and eat. For some reason, I have not been to a church "fellowship" in many years. Then, I realized that we have "fellowships" at our house when we have parties with a purpose. The problem for me at those parties are that I don't get much hang time because there are so many people to host.

For the last couple of days, our office, called Reach Your City, had a spiritual retreat for the ministers and staff in town. It was wonderful! We gleaned wisdom from a guy whom I really respect, Scott Kindig. I looked around the room, and all of us were intensely soaking it in. When you are the minister, sometimes it gets draining because you don't have anyone pouring into you.

Then, last night, we had everyone over to the house for dinner. Brock had grilled chicken. I made bean bundles, potatoes, and salad. Then, I made homemade pudding for dessert. After dinner, we sat around and shared stories and pet peeves. It was fun and refreshing!