Monday, December 21, 2009

Lindsey Little's Art Show

Last week, we went to an art show for Lindsey Little. She has such great art. I stopped in front of one picture and looked at it for a while. I got one of those weird deja vu feelings. Then, it donned on me why. A few months ago, when we went to San Francisco, we ate at this amazing Chinese restaurant (the best Chinese food I've ever had). Across the street was a building and I felt like I needed to take a picture of the windows in it. So, I did!

As I was standing in front of almost the same picture, I realized what had happened. I had gone to Lindsey's art show the year before and saw the picture of these windows on this building. It was in my subconscious to snap a picture when I saw the same windows, but I didn't know why. I pulled Lindsey over to the picture and asked her if she took it in San Francisco. She said that yes, she had. It was across the street from the best Chinese food restaurant she'd ever eaten at! Not only did we take the same picture, but in all of San Fran, we'd eaten at the same restaurant! That's crazy!

Here's my picture:
If you go to Lindsey's website and browse through her photography, you can find the same picture.

I'll tell you what else is crazy...that would be Brock. At the party, I saw him slip a cookie into my friend, Amy's, purse, and then Lindsey (the Fire-eater), and then another girl's purse. All of them went home not knowing anything was amiss. A couple of days later, I read Amy's twitter and it said, "cleaning out my purse trying to find a key... and there's a chocolate cookie with little teeth marks in here... How does that happen?" Then, Lindsey's tweeted, "haha... Me too! I have a feeling @brockgill had something to do with that..." It was funny!