Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Witches in Attendance

Because Brock’s an illusionist, we have witches come to the show on occasion. One night, seven of them came. Four out of the seven gave their lives to Christ. One of them even turned over her necklace, which she had called her “life source” as a witch.

Another night, one of the church leaders came to us before the show began and told us that there was a girl in the audience who was a witch. She had only come to cause problems.

After doors opened, one of our team members came to us and said that something was not right. He could feel it in his spirit. We told him about the girl who was present. All of us prayed that she would not distract.

The venue was a gym and the place was packed, so we did not see or hear her. However, a leader kept an eye on her the whole time. She sat on the back row against the wall. During the show, she had what looked to be like voodoo dolls and was chanting curses on us. When Brock got to the message, a weird thing happened. She passed out against the wall! After the invitation, she woke back up.

We don’t know exactly what happened there, but our prayers were answered. In the time it mattered, she did not distract.



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