Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Standing Protest at our Show

We had crazy things happening at our shows, too. While we were performing at a school assembly in North Carolina to promote our show that night, someone overheard a group of guys saying that they were going to come that night and “kill the preps.” They had made t-shirts saying things like “Keep Christians away from public schools” and “Leave and don’t come back.” That was directed at us.

We took their threat seriously and got extra security for the show. One of the ministers we would share the stage with that night said that at least if we died, we would go out telling the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The guys came that night wearing trench coats. They stood in the middle of the audience in a silent protest even as people were seated. No violence occurred thank the Lord.

After the show, Brock got to share with the protesters. Basically, they were atheists, so Brock told them about all of the miracles the Lord had done in our lives through prayer. Then, he said that he was going to pray to that same God for them. The ringleader quickly said, “No! I don’t want you to pray for me.”

A week later, one of the guys in that group emailed Brock saying that what he had said got to him. He had given his life to Jesus.

A few weeks after that, we found out that the leader of that group had been arrested. He had guns and ammunition and a hit list. The ones who were on the hit list were the students who prayed around the flagpole.

The way they found out about him was that one person in his group informed the authorities about his plan. I cannot help but wonder if it was the one guy in that group who had turned his life over to the Lord that night.