Monday, December 07, 2009

Two Months Up

My two months off officially ends today. We are performing in Georgia tomorrow and Wednesday, so it's back on the road for me. Pray for those shows. I am nervous about getting back into it.

Well, I stuck with my schedule as far as hanging out with people. I am going to continue having date night on Mondays. (I really like that!) I have found a girls group whom I meet with on Tuesday nights that I am going to keep. They are wonderful girls whom I have made a connection with quickly. All of the other stuff has faded away which is fine, because my life is about to get busy again.

I did not do any of the projects I planned to do except one (out of about 7). I cleaned out one closet, but it was our clothes closet, and I do that every year when it's time to switch from summer to winter clothes. I am going to count that!

However, I did rest a lot. I built up some relationships with some wonderful girls here in town. I feel rejuvenated and relaxed. I am actually excited about getting back on the road tomorrow!