Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Prayer for the Hurting

My heart is heavy this year. I know so many that are not looking forward to Christmas because of broken families or loosing a loved one. I think of Thomas Young's family and several others who got divorced this year. I want you to know that I am praying for those of you out there who are not looking forward to Christmas because it's a reminder of what used to be but is not now. Even if I don't know your name or circumstance, know that I serve a Lord that does. He wants to shower you with His love. He is the ultimate comforter.

"Lord, I pray for everyone out there who are missing Christmases past. I pray for their hurt. Heal them. If they need to forgive, help them to do so. If they need to let go of some resentment or bitterness, enable that to happen. Bring restoration in some sort of fashion. If they need comfort, comfort them in a way that only You can do. Most of all, display Your power and sovereignty in their lives."

I am weeping right now just feeling the hurt of so many out there. I wish that I could take all of that hurt away. I cannot. I can only offer prayers to my Lord Who can do anything. He can even transcend space and time by answering a prayer made on a silly blog.


Becky said...

Right there with you. Praying and weeping with so many loved ones this year. And so thankful that the Lord whose birth is being celebrated came specifically for redemption and restoration. May His will be fulfilled. God bless you and yours, Auny.