Monday, December 28, 2009

Do Not Be Afraid

I had another scare one time when we were parked in downtown Nashville in the big rig. Brock was having coffee with our friend, Michael from the worship band, Pocket Full of Rocks. I had gone back to the truck to hang out.

A little while later, Brock knocked on the back door. I knew that it was Brock because nobody but him would knock on the back door. People who were not familiar with the truck would knock on the door in the front by the steering wheel.

Just to be sure, I looked out the side window of the truck. I saw Michael standing across the street. So, I went to open the back door. As I was reaching to unlock it, the verse entered my mind, “Do not be afraid. For I will never leave you.”

I quickly retracted my hand from the door thinking, “Why did I just think of that verse out of the blue?” Instead of opening the door, I called Brock on the phone. No, he was not at the back door. He was still at the coffee shop with Michael. I looked out the window again, and "Michael" was not standing there. I am not sure who it was that was standing there before.