Friday, December 04, 2009

Busy Life

My life just became busy this week. I am now a member of the busy club again. I am ready for it! Just when I was beginning to get a little bored, things began to pick up. We went to a Christmas party on Monday night. Tuesday, I was in a conference all day. Tuesday night, I went to my village meeting. Wednesday, we had the entire Reach Your City staff and a lot of the ministers over for dinner.

Yesterday, Brock and I went to a meeting. Then, I went for my quarterly haircut appointment. It took over two hours. (I am supposed to go every 6 weeks, but it's too expensive and time consuming. Therefore, I let it go for a few extra weeks. I just wore a hat for the last several days. This is a long tangent, but I got some compliments on my hats. In fact, Nicole C. Mullen complimented me on my new hat in the grocery store.) We had dinner with Ken Davis and his wife last night.

Today, we leave to go to Batesville, MS. Brock is racing at the Arenacross there. It's going to be fun! I like to sit in the stands and read my book in between all of the races. Then, I love watching any kind of racing!