Friday, December 11, 2009

Holy Spirit Moving

The shows Wednesday in Stockbridge, GA went super well. The people there at the Community Bible Church were wonderful to work with. They helped us with every move of set up and tear down. It was still a lot of work, though. Three shows in one day was tiring.

It was worth it, though. After doing two school assemblies, many people whom would not normally attend a church came that night. Then, we saw a remarkable response to the gospel of Jesus.

During the invitation, I realized something that I have taken for granted so many times before. Every time Brock gives the gospel, I can feel the presence of the Lord externally. I feel Him quite often internally because the Holy Spirit resides in me. However, feeling Him move throughout that building was indescribable. I could not even see the crowd or anything because I was backstage. However, the emotions I had were incredible.

This is how it usually goes and Wednesday was no exception. I begin praying backstage over the crowd. Then, when I feel the Holy Spirit show up in all of His power and glory, I change my prayer to: "Despite me, please come and do Your thing." I immediately begin confessing sin. Then, I remember the audience, so I begin praying for them again. The Lord then basically says, "I am dealing with the people in the crowd but let's talk about you." He is working all throughout the room with each individual even me. He can do that. It's such an amazing time that it is rather addictive.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Auny. You are such an incredible part of "Brock's" ministry. Even though we all refer to it as "Brock's" ministry because he is the one front and center, don't forget that it is also YOUR ministry. You have been called just as he has and it is so evident. What more important thing could be happening during the invitation than for his precious wife to be going before the Father on behalf of all who are present--beginning with herself. That's where the power begins! I dare say that not all ministers' wives are backstage interceding as you are. What an awesome responsibility and blessing. Thanks for all you do!!! We love you.

Mom & Dad Gill