Friday, December 16, 2005

More Stress

Our lives are becoming more and more stressful. As we sat down at a restaurant in the airport the other day, Brock said there was a lady who was pitching a fit about her food. She ended up sitting beside us. We overheard her gripe to her husband about the food for the next 15 minutes. Then, she proceeded to whine about the people on the plane and how they treated her. I thought that she might have a mental breakdown before she even got out of the airport.

I find myself getting tense so easily in the last few years. I don’t know if it’s because of the traveling or getting older or if everyone is getting more stressed these days. I feel myself getting upset over silly things. I nipped the whole road rage a couple of years ago. I decided that if I cannot afford a few extra seconds if I’m forced to wait that long in the car, then my life is too tight. Somebody said that stress is caused by unmet expectations. I think that I expect too much out of myself as well as others. I’m going to try and lighten up when it comes to everyday life.

We are getting more and more busy. It's crazy because we have more modern conveniences but we are just adding more things to our plate to take up the extra time we save. I just now realized that I sound like an old person right now. I definately enjoy modern technology, but how do I balance a modern life and living in peace? What's the answer? I'm trying the old method of counting to 10 in my head to cool off. Sometimes, I try to think about why I'm so easily upset that day (there's usually something making me on edge just under the surface). The crazy thing about it is that my friends say that I'm laid back. I think Americans are too stressed in general. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

i think you need a vacation . your husband should give you some time off . whats wrong with him . maybe he should take you out on a date. then all of your problems would disappear

Amber said...

I feel your pain, I'm the same exact way! I get super stressed every sunday trying to get my family and me out the door on time. My husband always tells me to calm down and quit stessing the small stuff:) it's o.k. to be two minutes late every now and then. Isn't it funny how when you have road rage and you fly by someone who's going to slow on the highway, they pass you 5 minutes later at a stop light!!!

AUNY said...

I just watched that movie Crash last night. It's very heavy. If you don't like heavy, thought provoking movies, don't see this one. However, if you do...this is a great movie about human nature. The Sandra Bullock character reminds me of what we're talking about. She has nothing to be angry seems. The movie deals alot with racial tension. She plays a wealthy white woman who looks like she has the American dream, yet she tells her friend on the phone that she wakes up angry everyday. I'm not going to let myself get that way! If I start feeling like that when I wake up, I'm going to spend more time with the Lord and friends and family, or go on vacation or something.