Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Press Release

This is a copy of a press release that went out last week (not the Associated Press release...keep praying about that. It hasn't gone out yet.):

December 8, 2005- (Nashville, TN) Brock Gill is hosting Discovery Channel’s the “Miracles of Jesus” TV special currently scheduled to air on Christmas Eve (check local listings for times). As the lead investigator in the project, Brock presents an objective look at the miracles Jesus performed and investigates whether they were illusions or reality.

For centuries critics have claimed that Jesus’ miracles never happened or that they were purely illusions. As an illusionist and a Christian, Brock has often had to deal with the claim that Jesus was only a magician.

Traveling throughout the Middle East and Holy Lands, theories of Jesus miracles resonate through his mind as he ventures to find out: Can ancient miracles be re-created using 21st century technology?

“Was He a magician? Was He an illusionist? Was He a hypnotist?” asks Brock, “Was He a paranormalist? Or was he just a master of psychology? What was the deal? Was He a real miracle worker?”

Brock’s questions bring him to three different locations where Jesus performed His miracles. In Nain, Galilee, Brock investigates the widow’s son being raised from the dead. In Golan Heights, the multiplication of loaves and fishes for the feeding of 5,000 people, and to the Sea of Galilee to investigate the miracle that has stumped illusionists from day one: walking on water.

“I’ve always been fascinated by miracles, ever since I was a kid reading the Bible stories. They were so outside of the ordinary,” says Brock. “I always liked the idea of being able to walk across the water.”

Brock is also taking his unique stage show with wit and mind-blowing escapes into households with the new DVD, Hidden Agenda, available now through Vertical Distribution. From the stage to the street to behind the scenes, Hidden Agenda lets you see more of Brock Gill than ever before. The DVD includes nearly two hours of footage with spectacular illusions and escapes, such as The Water Coffin, Blind Ride, Ping Pong Balls, Assistant's Revenge, Puppet Master and much more.

Performing over 150 dates a year, Gill has shared the stage with many well-known speakers, leaders and artists, including: Franklin Graham, Andy Stanley, John Piper, Kirk Cameron, Luis Palau, Christian Hosoi (legendary skateboard champion), Corey Martinez (BMX rider from X Games 1004-5), David Nasser, Casting Crowns, Relient K, Sonic Flood, tobyMac, Audio Adrenaline, Third Day, Pillar, Mercy Me and others. He has performed for such organizations as BigStuf Camps, Student Life, In Quest, and on tours such as Winter Jam, Livin’ It with Stephen Baldwin and Christ in Youth’s Believe tour.