Thursday, December 22, 2005

Theft Again!

I shouldn't be surprised when we get robbed. We have had so many things stolen: 2 trailers and all of the equipment in them, money from Brock's wallet, 2 mini disc players, a laptop, 2 toolboxes, Brock's fishing tackle box, a bunch of magic. You might be thinking that we should lock up our stuff better. It has nothing to do with locks and everything to do with the evil one. It's his favorite tactic with us.

When Brock's second toolbox was stolen out of the back of our truck yesterday, the old feelings came back. I actually have this particular spot in my chest that begins to hurt only when something is stolen. I got so furious and felt as if Satan was jeering at me..."We got you again!"

Then, this scripture came to mind "The thief comes only to kill and steal and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full." The words danced across my heart like a soothing melody. I began to calm down and the ache in my chest went away instantly. Then, I thought that I got the scripture wrong. I've always heard those two statements separately. Only when I looked it up did I indeed realize that it was the same verse.

After thinking about it, we always do experience abundance after Satan tries something with us. Whenever anything is stolen, we get better stuff. After our truck burned down (yes, it caught on fire in the middle of the night), we got a bigger, better truck. The Lord always gets the victory in the end.


Amber said...

I'm glad no one has ever been hurt in any of those instances. I'm sorry your thing's were stolen, thank goodness they were only "things" that can be replaced!!!

gin said...

Oh, Auny, that stinks! Except for the part where God's going to provide a newer, bigger, better tool box...that part is not half bad. I'm so glad God comforted you with that scripture.

Chad and Rebecca said...

I am so sorry that happened. But your faith really ministered to me this morning!

GaryA said...

Keep living in abundance, God is great. We've got the tivo set and ready to go for the 24th. I'm so looking forward to Miracles of Jesus on Discovery.