Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trailer Stolen

Although it was a hot August day outside, coldness was developing inside me. I was sitting in our townhouse asking the same question that had been running through my mind for days: “What are we going to do now?”

Brock and I had been married for 3 months, and everything was going well. We had been all over Texas and performed over 30 times that summer. People were getting saved and I was adjusting rather well to life on the road.

Then, it happened! We had dropped off our trailer at our house in order to drive to a wedding. When we returned, our trailer with all of our illusions, sound, and lighting equipment, everything we needed to do our show was gone. It had been stolen. Our insurance did not cover a penny of it---$20,000 worth of stuff gone! To this day, we have never retrieved any of it.

Shortly after that, our garage was broken into and a lot of Brock’s tools were stolen. A few days following that, Brock’s wallet was stolen and we lost all of the money we had. Then, the new townhouse we had just moved into flooded.

I would love to tell you that I just prayed through it all and I was just living in joy despite the turmoil going on around me, but that was not the case. I was angry and discouraged. That August day I cried out to God, “What are we going to do?” We didn’t have much money before. Now it would be impossible to do shows and get money to replace our equipment. I had given up my career to do this ministry and now it seemed that it had been stripped away. I told the Lord that I could not handle this anymore. I felt like He said, “Good.”

After sulking around the house, mulling over this response, I finally went back to God. I asked Him why it was so good that I could not handle this ministry anymore. He said, “Because now I can.” I was beginning to understand. I had been trying to run the show. I was trying to be the one in control and that is not how the Lord wanted it.

Then, I asked again what we should do. The Lord said in an almost audible voice, “Pray specifically and I will show you my power.” I said, “Okay, I need $50 for groceries and $545 for the rent due on the first of next month.”

For some reason, I did not tell Brock. Maybe I did not have enough faith. Although it seemed a little strange, I did not doubt that the Lord told me to pray specifically. I just didn't quite know how He was going to show His power.

The only engagement we had before the rent was due was Brock would be speaking at his dad’s church. He was to fill in for his dad that Sunday as he was to be out of town. They were going to pay us $150. That was great, but I was praying for $595.

Brock spoke so beautifully that day. He preached a sermon we now refer to as “Does the Devil Know Your Name?” He used the passage out of Acts 19 where the seven sons of Sceva got their tales whipped by the demon. I had never heard Brock speak with such passion and authority before. He basically said that if we were doing the will of the Father, Satan would be coming after us. I knew that we were definitely on his hit list.

After the service, Brock handed me some checks. We did receive the $150 we were promised, but individuals had handed Brock money as well. I gathered all of the checks together and quickly added them up. The money totaled $595…not $600 or $594, but $595 just as I had asked for.

I excitedly explained to Brock what we were supposed to do. We wrote down everything we needed not only to replace what was stolen but to advance our ministry as well. One by one, the Lord answered our prayers and our specific needs were met.

More on this tomorrow...


Chad and Rebecca said...

I will never forget you and that video camera the day you found out your trailer was stolen. Remember Chad and I were there and we went to the police station and then to someone's house. That was such a sad day but you were soooo funny with that video camera!!