Saturday, February 18, 2006

Energetic Crowd

Well, it snows everytime we come to Cincinnati and today is no exception. Stephanie came and met up with us here. I'm so glad that she is here! She is feeling much better...just a little weak still.

Last night was fabulous! There are over 5500 people here at this student conference. I'm less nervous in a crowd of thousands than one with 100 people or fewer. Last night, the audience had so much energy. You didn't have to create that was naturally there. Everything went very smoothly and Brock was feeding off of the crowd. Let's hope and pray that today goes the same way!


Matt said...

wow, that's great, we'll be praying for the rest of the weekend. glad steph is feelin better. you're definitely right, huge crowds are alot easier and more fun. if you're any kind of a communicator,which brock is, you don't have to work with a large crowd like that.