Friday, April 13, 2007

This Weekend

It is early in the morning...before 6! I am showered and ready to go. We are going to get on a plane and fly to Panama City Beach, FL. Then, we will rent a car and drive to Enterprise, AL. Remember this is the city in which recently a tornado ripped through killing 8 high school students. Tonight, we are performing at the church across the street from this high school. Pray that the city will be responsive to the gospel and that the Lord will heal this town.

Tomorrow, we will drive to Bonifay, FL where we will perform at a show in which some of our friends will be there...Tim Byrne along with a motocross team we know. It's going to be fun!

Sunday, we could not get a flight out until the evening...oh well! I guess we'll have to wait it out on the beach all day.


pedro said...

i'll be on praying for u guys.

Have fun on the beach!

God is Praised!!!!


Life with Brock Gill said...

group one crew is on the front page of itunes right now

pedro said...

i cant see it B.