Thursday, September 03, 2009

Chocolate Places in Las Vegas

Of course, we are going to visit the chocolate shops while we were there! Here are the ones that we could find...

PhotobucketSerendipity is a well known place in New York City. They just recently put one in Las Vegas.

PhotobucketThey are famous for their frozen hot chocolate.

PhotobucketThis is a shop in the Bellagio Hotel.

PhotobucketIt has the largest chocolate fountain in the world.


PhotobucketIt even has a certificate showing it.

PhotobucketWe went to Ethel's Chocolate in the Flamingo. It's locally made chocolate.

PhotobucketThey had a great cinnamon truffle.

PhotobucketVosges has a chocolate cafe in the Ceasar's Palace Hotel.

PhotobucketWe tried pandan ice cream and a ginger bear float. It was very interesting.