Monday, September 28, 2009

A Pleasant Break-In

We got home at 4pm Thursday afternoon. We knew that we would be heading back out at noon on Friday, so we wanted to take advantage of the little time to rest. Brock really needed it since he was still sick.

On our way home, I began to wonder what I would do about dinner. I didn't really want to leave the house and go pick up food. I certainly didn't want to go get groceries and make dinner. Also, the house was such a mess because we had been so busy.

When we reached the front door of the home, there was a note on it that said somebody had broken in. It didn't make me nervous, because first of all, thieves don't usually leave notes. Second of all, I recognized the handwriting of this "intruder."

To my surprise, I walked into a clean house peppered with little notes from my wonderful friends, Emily and Lindsey. Plus, they had made us soup and cornbread for dinner. (It was delicious and very healthy!) What a perfect surprise and what wonderful friends!


Michawn said...

aww, that's so awesome...and much deserved. what great friends!

Haley Frederick said...

That makes my heart happy! What fabulous friends!

Rhonda said...

God is taking care of you both through these wonderful human hands.