Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eating With Barbara

We took Barbara to all kinds of places to eat. She loves Indian food, so we took her to a place here in town twice. We also ate at one of our favorite Thai places. At Epcot, we tried German and Moroccan food.

We had Russian food at a new place here in town called Taste of Russia. It's good! We had blintzes and some kind of meatball type thing.Photobucket

We also went to one of the best sushi places I've ever been to and it's right here in Nashville. It's called Tenno. Here is all of us at the restaurant.Photobucket
We ordered a boatload of sushi (literally). It was delicious! She said that this and the Indian food were her favorite.Photobucket

We took her to an American restaurant called Jackson's.Photobucket
Here we tried their famous cookie dough eggrolls for dessert.Photobucket

We also took her to eat the best chocolate cake she's ever had at J Alexanders. (We went there last time she was here and it left an impression on her.)Photobucket

Of course, we took her to the Cocoa Tree!Photobucket

One of the coolest things we did while she was here was have her cook a meal for us. She went to the Mexican grocery store here in town and purchased cheese and such that I'd never seen before. Then, she cooked the best and most unique enchiladas I've ever had.Photobucket



Barbara said...

i loooove the food!

Mom in Shepherd said...

I think your sister, Kay, is going to really be jealous when she see that picture of the cookie dough dessert--her favorite at Jackson's.

AUNY said...

I know! I thought about Kay when I was eating it. I wish that I could ship it to her, but that's not the kind of dessert you can ship.

trent and kay said...

I am jealous!