Friday, September 18, 2009

Disney World Second Day

PhotobucketSaturday was a rainy day, so we purchased ponchos.

PhotobucketBarbara, Shannon, and me at the Magic Kingdom

PhotobucketWe went on the Haunted Mansion ride. I love this one!

PhotobucketThen, we headed back to Epcot for lunch.

PhotobucketWe ate lunch in the German area.

PhotobucketIt was a buffet.

PhotobucketAnd it was very good.

PhotobucketThey also had polka music.

PhotobucketThen, we went to the Netherlands to get dessert.

PhotobucketThis was an almond iced pretzel.

PhotobucketThen, we headed back to Hollywood Studios to go to Night of Joy.

PhotobucketWe were being silly.

PhotobucketThey gave us some marshmallows and chocolate on sticks for free!

PhotobucketFlyleaf was incredible! They were so humble and all about the Lord. Also, her voice was amazing!

PhotobucketThe line for the rockin' roller coaster was so long. Our friend who works at Disney had one of the workers walk us to the front of the line...twice!

PhotobucketWhile they were walking us through the back way to the front of the line, Brock said, "We have a good life."


Tiffany said...

Oh... I know that iced pretzel well! Those were my favorite!

Glad you all got to do it!

Barbara said...

i loved disney!
I enjoy it so much! it was funny and perfect!

let's do it again! haha