Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Show in Alexandria, AL

The show in Alexandria went well. We are trying a new show where we have collected pieces from all of our shows that we really like and fits Brock's personality...funny or daring. We have also added a few new tricks to the play list. It's actually a great mix and makes for a fun show. It is, however, tougher to pull off. Their is more set up and tear down. It takes a bigger team to pull it off. In fact, we had 8 of us there all together in Alabama and everyone worked is some fashion the whole time.

We had some problems in the intermission, but that was a good time to have problems. It's easier to stall then. Other than that, it went rather smoothly.

Pray for this new show as we are putting it together and performing it. It takes a while to get down a new show.