Saturday, September 05, 2009

Barbara is Here!

My friend, Barbara, is here from Mexico! All I knew was that she was coming in on the 4th at 3:45pm. Thursday, I went and stood where she would come out and watched. I knew that she would not be able to call me when she landed because she does not have a cell phone that would work in the U.S. So, I patiently waited and watched very closely for her.

The people coming in from Texas had come and gone and no sign of Barbara. I ran back and forth from the waiting area to the baggage claim. After an hour, I went to the airline and asked if they had any flights coming from Houston at that time. The two or three airlines that I asked said no. Then, it hit me! I called Brock and asked him what the date was. He said that he needed to look on his phone. It was the 3rd and Barbara was not to come for another 24 hours! We were both so stupid! We never know what day it is or what date it is because of our crazy schedule, but we usually know when it matters. Not on Thursday we didn't!


AUNY said...

We returned Friday and picked her up!

Haley Frederick said...

At least you didn't get it confused the other way around. It would have been really bad if she came on Thursday and you didn't go get her until Friday! :)

Rhonda said...

Have a great time with her - I enjoy reading her comments and she seems like a lovely person.


Barbara said...

thanks! =)

I think Haley is right. It would have been really bad if they went 1 day after hahaha Thank God they were there even after i came out from the plane!

And... now i'm here! it's gonna be an awesome, fantastic and funny 2 weeks.

Thank you Auny! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Is Barbara going to be at Night of Joy with you? If so maybe I will get a chance to meet her! That would be great.

Mrs. G

AUNY said...

Yes! She will be at Night of Joy! You are going to be there? I tried to fly out a day later than my flight one time. I just had to get on standby.