Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More About Barbara

PhotobucketBarbara amazes me! First of all, her English is getting better and better. She doesn't speak it except when she is here visiting. Plus, she learned it by reading Brock's blog! That's rather incredible.

She came to a couple of weeks of camp with us last summer. I had another girl in charge of the merch table because I figured Barbara would have a hard time with the language and handling the American money. It was no problem at all for her! She handled the table just as good as anyone I've ever had run it for me.

This year's visit, she surprised me more and more. Jacob told her his social security number once and Brock his phone number once and she still remembers it. Jacob says that she has a phonographic memory. (I don't even know if that exists, but if it does, Barbara has it!)

When we were at our show in Alabama, she sat down at the piano and began playing beautifully. When asked how long she had been playing, she said offhandedly, "About six months." Six months? I took lessons for years, and I could not play like she was playing.

She asked what an "emcee" was one day, and the next day she was acting as one at our party. She had never been onstage in her life yet she was a natural. She is so witty, too. Barbara is a special girl.


Barbara said...

auny! that's too much hahaha. i feel ashamed!
is very flattered, thanks, but not everyone have to know it hahaha

AUNY said...

You are a celebrity on this blog, Barbara! That's how we all met you.