Friday, September 04, 2009

Shows in Las Vegas

I went to see the Lion King by myself. The costumes were fabulous! I was singing the songs from it for days.

This was a great show as usual. They appeal to your intellect. We pray for Penn often because he is a devout atheist. I felt like I knew him because I've been praying for him so much.

This show blew my mind! He would have random people stand up in the crowd and tell stuff about them that hardly anybody else knew. I know that he was using his skill as a mentalist, but it was very convincing. During the show, he didn't pick on me or Brock, but after it, he was hanging out in the lobby. He looked at me and said that recently I had been stuck. I smiled and then he said that it was on a flight. He told Brock that he had almost been kidnapped in Mexico. Then, he left.

Although the premise of this show was a little dark, it was still great. It was very creative with lots of beautiful dancing and cool fire stunts. The magic was good, too.

This show was okay. It was very stock magic tricks.

PhotobucketThere were street performers as well.

PhotobucketThis is a real person! He didn't even blink.


Michawn said...

can you explain 'mentalist skills' to me? that blows my in the world does he come up with that?

AUNY said...

It actually looks like he is psychic, but he will tell you that none of it is supernatural. In fact, some mentalist expose psychics as being frauds.

Mom in Shepherd said...

I am with Michawn--it doesn't make any sense to me.