Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Restaurants in Las Vegas

PhotobucketThis is a Filipino place that we eat at every time we go to Vegas.

PhotobucketIt's a great lunch place right on the strip and it's very reasonably priced, too. Low prices on food is hard to come by on the strip these days.

PhotobucketThis is an Indian place that we ate at twice for lunch.

PhotobucketThat's my kind of buffet! Indian food is my favorite right now. If you have never tried Indian food, you should. You must get passed how it looks. It tastes so much better than it looks. You cannot beat some chicken tikka masala scooped up with some naan bread!

PhotobucketWe went to Paris for breakfast one morning...

PhotobucketThey have the best crepes on the strip!


PhotobucketOur favorite place on the strip is Tao. It's an Asian fusion restaurant in the Venetian Hotel.

PhotobucketIt has a great ambiance.

PhotobucketI had the best swordfish I've ever had there.

PhotobucketOf course, you must go to a buffet. This one is supposed to be the #1 in Vegas.

PhotobucketIt had 8 different islands of buffets with food from all different countries.

PhotobucketThis is only a small portion of the dessert bar.


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