Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Timely Decision

This is going to sound like it is out of left field because it happened in 2004, but I will explain tomorrow how it relates to the present.

We were performing at a youth pastor conference in the morning one day and quickly flying to Mobile, AL to continue the Winter Jam tour that we were participating in that night. Everyone knew at the conference that we were on a tight schedule. However, the guy going on before us who was supposed to go for 10 minutes went over 45 minutes and was still going.

As we stood backstage, we had to decide if we should stay there and do our full set but miss the show that night, or simply make an appearance there in order to make both shows. If we shortened our set so much, we ran the risk of tainting our reputation with 800 youth pastors. Time ticked on and we kept cutting more and more illusions from the show we were about to do. We made the decision to try to do both shows no matter how short the first show had to be.

We ran out onstage and hastened through one illusion and then Brock briefly spoke. We were out there for maybe 10 minutes yet when we got off of the stage was when we should have been arriving at the airport. We scrambled out of there and made a mad dash to the airport barely making it in time to catch our flight to Mobile.

More on what happened at the show that night tomorrow...


Michawn said...

oh i just hate these teasers you torture us with. ;)